Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Greg Hill And GHP Performance A Great BMX Product And Company

Greg Hill’s Ghp Performance, Great Company, Great Products

These days, it is not often that a bmx dealer gets the opportunity to talk directly to the owner of the company that they are buying products from. However, we are impressed with GHP Performance as 
Greg Hill takes great pride in his products and his company.

Greg Hill is also  active in the bmx racing scene which helps him stay in tune to your bmx racing needs.

GregHillIt is a real privelage when we call GHP Performance to ask a question or have a need that Greg Hill himself often answers the call himself. He has been a greatl person to work with.

Greg Hill has worked hard at bringing the industry quality, yet affordable bmx racing parts. 2013 represents a new year for a great new look regarding the GHP racing frames. Hot new color combos and the new addition of RISEN bmx forks.

So if you are looking for quality racing parts at an affordable price range, help us support the legendary bmx race champ Greg Hill and the popular GHP bmx racing line of products.

Get great prices on GHP bmx parts and other main brands at

Monday, December 24, 2012

How To Build A BMX Racing Bike, Custom Bmx Bike

After searching the net, we were disappointed at the lack of  videos or tutorials that teach riders how to build a bmx racing bike.  The bmx racing industry focuses more on individual parts rather than complete bmx bikes. Therefore, there is a need to provide racers with the knowledge of assembling their own bmx race bike with individual bmx parts.

In an effort to help riders work assemble and create their own customized bmx bike, we have put together an ever expanding section on how to build your own bmx race bike. You can find this section at by clicking on the left column 'Instructional Videos'. In this section we have supplied a compilation of various how to videos.
Once at the Rhino Bmx site, you will have access to bmx racing parts at great prices to help you build your desired customized bmx race bike. There are popular brands such as GHP, Intense, Sinz, Speedco, Bombshell, Uni Seats, THE, ODI and much more!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GHP BMX Racing Frames With Hot New Design And Colors

The hottest new 2013 bmx racing frames for GHP Bmx are out! GHP has all new impressive colors ranging from Black/Red, Black/White to Black/Yellow.
This new design features a lightweight aluminum frame, tapered top tube and a racy new look. You will not only look great on the bmx race track but you will also have a racing edge.
Another great thing about the GHP Racing frames is their great pricing as well. The GHP frame is designed with the highest quality. However, they are very affordable. Don't be fooled by the great pricing! They are a frame to be reckoned with. now features the new 2013 GHP bmx bike frame design on their website with a promotional free shipping.
For those needing a custom setup, no problem. has top parts such as sinz, the, bombshell, risen and other GHP components to meet your needs.
Size Descriptions:
Frame SizeTop TubeHead AngleChain StaySeat TubeHead TubeWeight
Expert19.2572.513.7527.2mm1-1/8"3lbs- 2oz.
Expert XL2073.513.7527.2mm1-1/8"3lbs-2.6oz.
Pro XL21.25741527.2mm1-1/8"3lbs-7oz
Pro XXL22741527.2mm1-1/8"3lbs-9oz.
Pro Cruiser2173.514.2527.2mm1-1/8"3ibs-9oz.
Pro Cruiser XL2273.51527.2mm1-1/8"3lbs-9.8oz
ImageImageImageBe sure to visit for all your bmx racing needs!